Prayer has always been a cornerstone of the North Hills congregational life.  Every Sunday there’s the opportunity to share aloud or in your heart intercessory prayer for anyone needing the special warmth of the touch of God’s hand, or to celebrate prayers answered and praises due.  We also email names lifted up to the entire North Hills family.

“All were united in their devotion to prayer…” Acts 1: 14a

During our current sermon series “KINDOM: INclude, INspire, INvite” we encourage everyone to dedicate some time on Monday every week to pray for God’s leadership through the Holy Spirit.

Come, Lord Jesus, make us aware of those around us.  May your Holy Spirit guide us as we seek to find those people and places in need of inclusion and grace.  Help us to include, inspire, and invite others to know the grace and love of God.  Help us to come alongside one another and to create a community of mutual grace, humility and service where all are included, where we inspire one another to live Christ-centered lives, and where we invite others into a personal relationship with Jesus.  Give us insight into where you would have us go and what you would have us do as your disciples.  AMEN.

North Hills also features an outside prayer labyrinth that can be used for meditation or guided prayer.


Join us as we pray at the request of the United Methodist Council of Bishops, praying every day at 8:46 am and 8:46 pm for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the time the neck of George Floyd was under a knee.

“Oh God, today let us rise with a renewed commitment to do justice and to love kindness. Let our spirits be mindful of those in need and our voices responsive to the injustice in our midst. Help us continue to stand for something larger than ourselves. Amen.”

Sojourners, Daily Prayer,

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If you have a prayer request to share with the congregation, or only want to request prayer from the pastoral staff Contact North Hills