Prayer has always been a cornerstone of the North Hills congregational life.  Every Sunday there’s the opportunity to share aloud or in your heart intercessory prayer for anyone needing the special warmth of the touch of God’s hand, or to celebrate prayers answered and praises due.  We also email names lifted up to the entire North Hills family.

“All were united in their devotion to prayer…” Acts 1: 14a


During our current sermon series “Jesus Revealed” based on the book by Matt Rawle, we invite you to join us sometime in prayer on Monday whenever it is convenient for you, knowing that others are also praying throughout the day. We ask you to pray for God’s leadership through the Holy Spirit as we look at how Jesus described himself in the Gospel of John. May we live as Jesus showed us through his example.

“Come, Lord Jesus. Make us aware of those around us. May your Holy Spirit guide us as we seek to find those people and places in need of inclusion and grace. Help us to see how to live as a bold disciple of Jesus Christ as we look at the example of Jesus. May we be bold in sharing the Good News to everyone. May we cross barriers to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others may know Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. Help us to share our faith stories of Jesus with others. Make us bold disciples!

North Hills also features an outdoor Prayer Walk at the end of our parking lot next to the Community Gardens of Hope Hill. You are welcome to use it anytime for guided prayer or meditation


We challenge you to join the United Methodist Church’s stand against racism and urge you to pray daily for an end to racism and the day when we can “…let justice roll down like waters,and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” (Amos 5:24 CEB) Pray this prayer with us, and spend 9 minutes and 29 seconds in prayer in memory of the time George Floyd was under a knee. We will update this prayer weekly.

O God, giver of new life,
We see the brokenness in the world around us:
violent conflict in Ukraine, Ethiopia, Syria, and other places,
a hunger crisis growing steadily around the world,
racism and oppression finding new expressions that impact our lives.
And yet new life bursts forth in creation.

When Thomas touched Christ’s broken body alive again, he believed.

May we also believe so that we might
turn away from the death-dealing ways of old
and toward life-giving paths set before us in the resurrection.
In the name of the resurrected one, we pray.


Email from Bread for the World

If you would like a prayer for anti-racism sent to you daily by email from Discipleship Ministries of the United Methodist Church click here

If you have a prayer request to share with our pastor or our congregation Contact North Hills