What is a community garden?  It is a unique space where neighbors and residents can come together to build community and grow food.

The produce in the Community Gardens of Hope Hill is grown by individual community gardeners for themselves, their families and for donation to local food pantries.  If you would like to work in the garden and share in the harvest, you are encouraged to sign up and join us.  For a $10.00 annual membership and a commitment to work at least four hours a month you are entitled to your share of the harvest.

Garden News:

Work in the Garden will begin in March / April

Community Garden Work Day Announcement

When Spring arrives we will be doing many projects. We will be putting together a team to errect our shelter on the hill near the shed. We also received a new grant from Whole City Foods that will allow us to bring electricity to the shed enabling us to charge our power packs in the shed instead of inside the church. This will make it more accessable to our garden workers. We will be added a few more fruit trees as the weather stablizes in Spring. We are looking forward to an exciting new year in the garden. We will continue to share our extra produce with the food pantries at St. Stephen Episcopal Church and at St. Andrew food pantry.

Here we grow again!

The Community Gardens of Hope Hill are designed to be a community space with picnic tables, a shaded bench, and a labyrinth for quiet time, prayer or meditation.  We are well into our 4th full growing season and God’s bountiful harvest has enriched the lives of our garden members, members of several local church congregations, and recipients of St. Stephen’s Episcopal free food distribution in Ferguson, and St. Andrew UMC free food panty.

   For Further Information about the Garden Contact North Hills